Workshops are sessions conducted by Facilitators with an interest and applicable knowledge in the topic. 

A short presentation will kick-off the session in order to provide a summary of the topic and an objective (problem to be solved).  The basis of the session will be interactive discussion amongst the attendees. 

A scribe should be provided to record key points or conclusions from the discussion. 

A goal of the workshop notes is for these key points to be documented as a recommendation to an agency or a standards-writing group.  It might also serve as the basis for an article in the Journal of System Safety. 

Additional visual resources may be needed such as a white board or large paper pad/easel and markers.

Fundamentally, a workshop isn't designed for teaching.  Rather, it is designed to bring the best minds together to solve a problem.

Workshop Topics:
Selected Topics
28th International
System Safety Conference
30 Aug - 03 Sept 2010

Hyatt Regency Hotel
Minneapolis, MN USA
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